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I thought I would thank some of the Law Enforcement equipment companies that I have dealt with over the years. It may not mean much to the reader but, 37 years of dedication from these folks made the last 20 years real easy.

I have worked with the Glock family since the late 1980's. The Glock is the police firearm. Many semi-automatics are out there that have worked as police firearms but, sooner or later they come home to the Glock. I have been an advid firearm colleector for many years before I became an instructor. I quickly learned most pole-lice can't shoot nor understand how to take care of thier issued firearm. Sorry folks most are just out of college now a days and cant figure out which end Dr. Death is coming out of. They need intense training. With the Glock training is needed but, trigger time is increased because they cant tear it up. Rookie and vetran scores are high and accurate. The Glock performs. All instructors should be armors school. it is only one day out of a busy schedule. These folks can repair most problems in a few minutes. #1 hand gun out of 37 years.

Remington 870

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